Kaishun Massage Hong Kong call/whatsapp:+852-59829022 香港回春マッサージ —————————————– All-in-One Treatment :: Tantra Massage, Body-to-body Massage, Body Worship, Reverse Massage…and more

We provide thrilling sensual massage experience. Let our goddess leads you to a brand new horizon of human sensuality that is beyond your imagination. Our specially crafted treatment module is designed to exhaust your libidinal crave through a series of stunning stimulation, unbeknownst to your furthest most anticipation, that challenges all moral inhibitions, thereby awakening the most fundamental human id. Kaishun, it is so much more than the conventional notion of tantric massage, body-to-body massage, sensual massage hong kong style. ——————————————————————————— Outcall to most locations in 30 mins.

4. Customer Reviews of 香港回春マッサージ

Kaishun Massage Hong kong is great. You call them up and give them your hotel and room number and in a short time, there is a trained Kaishun massage expert at your door. With a totally professional attitude, she came in and put me back together after an hour’s Long flight from Chicago. I know feel ready to go to work tomorrow and be at the top of my game. Thanks Kaishun Massage Hong kong

 George R., Feb 2015 at the Grand Hyatt, Hongkong


Whenever you’re in Hong Kong, you have to try a Kaishun Japan style massage in Hong Kong. It is something you have to experience to understand. It gives your energy while it relaxes and rejuvenates.

I recommend the face-sitting treatment and ball massage and it actually made me look 10 years younger. Oh yes, the people you should call are from outcall Kaishun Massage I don’t know about the others. I just know the girl they sent over was a miracle worker. I never felt so alive and I had a glow my wife noticed right away.

 K. H., Dec 2014 at Langham Place


Just what the doctor ordered.

Bill D., Dec 2014 at Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel


Now I know what they say when they talk about the wonders of the orient. A Hong Kong Massage Kaishun treatment is one of the most exciting things I ever had. I would recommend it for anyone traveling to China. The Kaishun masseuse I had knew magic is all I can say. Try it yourself and you’ll be a believer as well.

Jim V., Nov, 2014  in Hong Kong


I never thought I would say this about a sensual massage. But, It’s True! Kaishun Hong Kong massage is truly out of this world. I’ve never felt so good in all my life. I am having another when I pass through Hong Long when I go home later this month.

Zen T., June 2014 at the Hyatt Regency


If you want the Best. Then Kaishun Massage Hong kong is it. They come to your home or even your motel room. They do a professional job. You feel great afterwards and the prices are fair and much lower than I had expected.

Tom F., August 2014 at the Fleming Hotel


I have traveled in Asia for ten years now and I can say Hong Kong is the jewel of the East.

One of the things that stands out besides the food, bustle, and the sights is the treatment you receive when you have a proper Hong Kong Kaishun massage.

That is difficult to get these days, as there are so many amateurs out there. Kaishun Massage Hong kong only employs trained massage experts, who have gone to school and are certified. I got the best and authentic Hong Kong massage.

I would recommend Kaishun Massage Hong kong to anyone traveling to Hong Kong or points further east such as Beijing.

 Malcolm S., August 2014 in Hong Kong


Going East was something I never thought I would do. But here I am in Hong Kong China. The Food is great and the sights are breathtaking. One of the things I had heard about and wanted to experience firsthand myself was a Hong Kong Sensual Massage. I got the Kaishun Massage Hong kong’s number from the internet and they send a Massage expert who showed me what Asian medicine is all about. I had 3 disks fused in my lower back and she knew right away what to do. I never felt such relief. I would recommend these people to anyone who want to indulge once in a while.

Camden W., Nov 2014 Kimberley Hotel Kowloon


If you have a crave for erotic massage there’s nothing better that a Kaishun massage. Kaishun Massage Hong kong has the people that can do it too. The prices are reasonable and they are there when you need them.

Arthur H., July 2014, Empire Hotel Wanchai


Today it is hard to get god service. But, in Hong Kong, Kaishun Tantric massage is still a quality service at a fair price. I heartily recommend Kaishun Massage Hong kong’s service. The masseuse was on time and gave me her undivided attention for an hour. When she was done my whole body and mind were reborn. Thanks Kaishun Massage Hong kong!

K.J., September 2014, Bishop Lei International House


Great massage, total satisfaction, period.

John C., March, 2014, Mid Levels, Hong Kong


I never knew that my body and soul could feel so alive. But, Michelle did something to them that took away all the tension and anxiety. She was a dear and went to work right away and soon I felt like I could go out a see all of Hong Kong.

Rhambo G., Dec 2014, Best Western Hong Kong


It’s just the Thing I deserve after a long flight from London plus a long day’s work.

Rob P., Dec 2014, Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is the place. And if you’re worn out give Kaishun Massage Hong kong a call and when they’re done, you feel like a million bucks.

George A. Cincinnati USA


Kaishun Massage Hong kong showed me what a REAL sensual Massage is. I’m glad I booked their service.

Richard A. from Sydney


I travel a lot. I am worn out at the end of the week. This is why on a two-day layover. I called Kaishun Massage Hong kong. They send a gorgeous masseuse to my hotel and an hour later I was able to go to sleep and I didn’t wake til the next afternoon. I felt great. You really need to try this!

Don F. from Minneapolis


International trade is a grueling occupation in the Hong Kong markets. So, to unwind I call Kaishun Massage Hong kong and they have an expert in Asian sensual massage come to my door. After 30 minutes, I am right as rain again and full of energy. I often have this done on my lunch hour as it gets me ready to get back in the trenches again for the rest of the day.

Paul Leong from Malaysia, Nov 2014


I am a writer by trade. I cover the Asian scene. I always thought there was something mysterious about the art of massage in Asia. I was right.

An Asian masseuse knows the secrets of your bodies needs and with a gently and firm manipulation of muscles and pressure points they can do miracles.

I never felt so alive until after a session with one of Kaishun Massage Hong kong’s trained and skilled experts. My writer’s shoulder is gone and my neck is able to move as it did when I was a teen.

Charles B. from Germany, Summer 2014


Getting a massage never felt so good. Kaishun Treatment Massage is the way to go.

Jain from India, May 2014 at the Kowloon Hotel


There’s nothing worse that when libido flares up. I work under high pressure every day. When I need a break, I call for a Hong Kong Kaishun massage.

Sexy Eva was my masseuse, she arrived promptly, in a little while my worry was gone, and I feel like going out and celebrating. Thanks to Eva from Kaishun Massage Hong kong.

Christensen K.,  from Amsterdam


I am an artist and I stand a lot in one position all day while I paint Hong Kong cityscapes. At the end of the day, I am stiff and sore.

So, at least once a week I have a Hong Kong rub down. I like Kaishun Massage Hong kong they always send someone over right away. I’ve never been disappointed.

Basalely, Oct 2014 at the W Hotel, Kowloon.


One Word Great!

Sam G. from Singapore, Jan 2015


When you pass through Hong Kong on your way home or further east and south, you must avail yourself of an erotic Hong Kong Massage from Kaishun Massage Hong kong.

You’ll experience one of the wonders of Asia and the 3,000-year history erotic arts that date back to the dawn of China’s beginnings.

Massage and especially from Kaishun Massage Hong kong who do mine, have a way of making you relax and become in tune with yourself again. So when you feel disconnected from your center. Let Kaishun Massage Hong kong recenter you and release your inner energy once more.

Ramsey S. from CA. USA, November 2014


I thought Hong Kong’s sensual Massage was a myth. Friends who visited Hong Kong raved about how they felt afterwards. I had had Japanese, Thai, and Swedish massage and those left me unmoved. They all felt good but nothing to write home about.

But, on my first business trip to the Chinese mainland I stopped in Hong Kong so, I thought, “What do I have to lose?”

I Found Kaishun Massage Hong kong’s number and asked for their best. She arrived and she was a petite dear, only a little over a meter in height and with lovely long ebon tresses.

She had the strongest hands and fingers I have ever felt. She did things to my whole body that no one has ever done before.

I felt the urge that I’ve had for years melt and disappear. When she was done, I felt 10 years younger. I tipped her generously and I am now convinced that Kaishun Hong Kong Massage is like no other in the world. The rest are a pale shadow of what a true Asian massage can be.

Gazibo H., New Zealand, Fall 2014


When you are in Hong Kong, You just have to get a Hong Kong Massage Kaishun Style. You’ll thank yourself for it!

Alvin K., from Singapore


I pass through Hong Kong once a month to and from Vientiane Laos and my firm in Palo Alto California. I deal in electronics and Laos is a developing market, so I’m kept busy. You get worn out traveling so much.

What’s my secret of keeping on the ball? When I am between flights I stay in the same hotel and I have a Masseuse from Kaishun Massage Hong kong come and give me a 1-hour Hong Kong style Kaishun Massage. When the masseuse is done, I am rejuvenated and my energy is restored.

I catch my connecting flight in the morning and I am ready to do it again the next month like clockwork. It works for me. It’ll work for you too!

Colin M., Dec 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Hong Kong




香港回春マッサージではアロマリラクゼーションエステと男性機能改善の2つを組み合わせ、貴方さまの「回春」のお手伝いをさせて頂きます。使用するオイルは、ゆったりと心がほぐれるオリジナルブレンドです。アロマの植物の香りの中には心と身体を癒す不思議な力が秘められており、ストレスの多い現代社会では心身をより自然な状態へ戻すアロマセラピーが効果的です。熟練したセラピストがあなたのお部屋へ出張致します。香港のホテルにご滞在の際は、ぜひ香港回春マッサージをご利用ください。予約電話番号:+852-5982 9022 施術の際は、仰向けになり頭と腰の下に枕を入れ、両足は少し開き気味で膝を少し曲げます。まず、お腹からふくらはぎへと順々に体中をくまなく丁寧にアロマオイルでマッサージしていきます。体中のエネルギーの流れがよくなり、感性が増してきます。オイルと優しい手のぬくもりが深いリラックス効果を生み、体本来がもつ「根元的な力」がよみがえってきます。頭の先から足のつま先まで、もちろん、あなたの快感スポットも含めて体の隅々まで丁寧にマッサージしますので、性的快感と満足感に浸り、恍惚のひとときを。。。意識はしっかりしているのに、とてもリラックスして夢うつつ、とろけるような一時をお楽しみください。
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